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About Us

For more than 65 years our family has been farming cattle at the foot of the Pembina Hills. After 3 generations of dairy farming we have turned our focus to raising quality meat products to market directly to you. In the past 65 years many things have changed in the farming industry and one of our goals is to help you understand what you are buying and eating. 

About our practices

In order to understand all our practices of raising meat you would simply need to

visit the farm. This is something we welcome and encourage everyone to do. To

help you understand what is important to us, here are a few points we stand by: 


     - All animals need to have adequate space to move and forage for food as they

       would in nature.

     - No GM feed sources are used on our farm. 

     - No growth hormones or preventative or low level medications are used for any

       of our animals.

     - Antibiotics are only used when an injury or infection occurs and antibiotics are

       a requirement for the animals recovery.

     - All animals are processed in provincially inspected facilities. 

If you have any questions about the way things are done at our farm, please contact us.  



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