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Our Animals



Our grass fed beef has access to the pasture 12 months of the year. For the winter months they eat dry hay mix which consists of grass and alfalfa. 




We have been fortunate to have a source for our young pigs from a small, Manitoba farm where we know they have been well cared for, without the use of needles or medications. Our range fed pork is raised outside with plenty of space to run and move. In fall when temperatures drop below freezing, we may move them into an open shelter to keep them comfortable and well watered. They are fed our farm ground ration which consists of barley, peas, wheat and oats.




Our pastured meat chickens are raised in the summer only. They are started inside the barn for approximately 4 weeks, then are moved outside for the remainder of the summer where they have access to fresh grass every morning.

The laying hens are housed in the hen house from dusk till noon while they are laying, then they are outside on the grass till dusk. The feed ration for both the meat chickens and hens, aside from the grass and insects they choose to eat, is made with ground barley, wheat, oats and peas and is GMO free.



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